There is a plethora of flooring tiles available in every shape and colour imaginable. 

Porcelain is heavier and tougher than ceramic. Porcelain tiles are often more expensive than ceramic due to the manufacturing process and heavier. Installation is also more expensive due to the difficulty of working with the material. Larger tiles are buttered on the back then layed, with a rubber mallet used to level the tile.

Ceramic is less durable than porcelain is not suitable for all applications. The main differences between ceramic and porcelain is that ceramic is not suitable for out door use, however the vast choice of colours and size far exceeds porcelain. The cost of the tile and installation is usually cheaper than porcelain so ceramic is the more popular option.
Care of Tiled Flooring Frequent dusting is required, sand dirt and grit cause the most damage to stone flooring because they are abrasive.

Steam cleaning or steam mopping is a good way to clean your floor.

Wash with hot water and mild detergent

Don’t use acidic cleaners

Use floor protectors under heavy furniture and chairs, some stone is very soft, rugs and door mats in high traffic areas can protect your floor. High heels can also damage some stone.

Don’t drag heavy or sharp objects across the floor it will lead to a very expensive repair job.